Has anyone ever kept a New Year’s Resolution to the end? At our last meeting, no one on our staff could say that they had. The idea of starting each year as a new chapter of our lives, a fresh start or a blank page seems more like a nice thought than a realistic expectation. We’re working with the lifestyles and commitments we’ve been building our whole lives and the conceptual new year doesn’t erase what we’ve already written.

But that’s not to say that reflecting on the past year and seeing where and how we can improve ourselves is a useless endeavor. As individuals, we have different goals; some want to read more, others want to eat better, some want to get organized, get fit or get a job. It is important that each person’s goals are based on what is doable and healthy for him or her in order to realistically achieve them and create positive, lasting change. Rather than going to an extreme with the “new year, new me,” let’s start with our current selves “” our routines, priorities and habits “” and see how we can strive for a “new year, better me.”

That is our goal here at the Trinitonian. After reflecting on last semester, we were proud of many of the goals we achieved and ideas that we saw come to fruition. But there is always room for improvement, and we are excited to embark on a new semester with big plans for positive change.

As readers, you can help us bring our ideas to life to make a better Trinitonian experience for everyone. Write responses to our articles and OpEds (unless you want to argue about whether or not Jesus was a conservative). One of the main purposes of our organization is to create dialogue and serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas, so if you have an opinion, share it with us. We will also be interacting with members of our community in ways that we have not yet done, namely through social media. Follow @trinitonian on Twitter and Instagram to see how our campus is engaging with it’s local news source. Our website is also being revamped, so if we write about something you want the world to see, visit www.Trinitonian.com and share the news of what is happening at Trinity with your friends and family all over the world.


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