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OpinionOops, I was wrong! I’ve been culturally shocked!

Natalia Salas September 16, 2019
Experiencing new student orientation in a drastically different way

EditorialSpecial SectionsBe yourself through your fashion

Editorial Board September 12, 2019
Fashion is a lot like the opinion pages of a newspaper. It’s a way to express oneself, it’s a commentary on the times, and eventually, it becomes a historical record of people’s preferences. When you look at a stranger’s outfits, you understand more about them — their priority of practical vs. pretty, their favorite colors and styles. You might feel connected with them if you have a similar taste or admire them if their style...

OpinionDear Kayla: I attract unemotional people! What do I do?

Kayla Padilla September 11, 2019
Illustration by Andrea Nebhut “I’ve been told on multiple occasions that I tend to attract controlling, unemotional types. How should I go about seeking love interests without getting myself hurt? It’s a struggle.” — Lakynn Dear Lakynn, It sounds like you have people in your life who have noticed a pattern in your love interests. It’s always good to have honest and reliable people around you. It seems that the answer to your problem is...

OpinionLive like a Sim: Lessons from a sandbox game

Nina Loya September 11, 2019
Who knew spending your days playing a video game could be so informative?