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EditorialThink about your health on a deeper level

Kathleen Creedon October 7, 2019
There are a lot of ways to be healthy, and there are varying degrees to which people prioritize their health. There are those who bullet journal piously, then there are people who procrastinate by doing a face mask or going for a walk. You’ve got the ones who drink more than enough water and stretch every morning and night, and then there are the ones who find relief in watching reruns of their favorite TV...

OpinionNatasha’s Kitchen: 24-Carrot Magic

Natasha Sahu October 3, 2019
Photo provided by Natasha Sahu In the past few editions of “Natasha’s Kitchen,” I’ve only talked about myself. Every time I sit down to write these I have to wonder “who TF cares?” But I guess I care. And hopefully, my friends care too. The past few recipes became what they were thanks to some of my best friends. It’s because of these little helper elves that I get the validation I needed to confirm...

OpinionGun control PSAs place responsibility on the wrong people

Natalia Salas October 3, 2019
Illustration by Andrea Nebhut On Sept. 17, I saw a Sandy Hook Promise PSA going around about school shootings, as I’m sure many of you have seen by now. It was about “back-to-school” products, and it used the same language you would hear in any back-to-school ad for any department store, but it took place during a school shooting. For example, a student was shown saying “these new socks, they can be a real life-saver,”...

OpinionCapitalism is the solution to the global climate crisis, not the cause

Ben Falcon October 3, 2019
Illustration by Andrea Nebhut Late last month thousands of young Americans voiced vehement outrage at the lack of action taken to address the global climate crisis. They left class, left work and occupied the streets and public spaces in order to raise awareness. That Friday, September 20th the climate strike made its way to our own campus. Seeing my peers and professors participate in solidarity reminded me of how proud I am to be a...