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EditorialBalancing trust and accountability

Editorial Board October 17, 2019
To be a public forum. To be a public record. To be a public source of news. These are three parts of the Trinitonian’s mission as the sole independent student-run news publication on Trinity’s campus. Generally, we maintain all three with ease. We are editors of content. Our staff members are trained to seek out and report the truth, and we hold ourselves highly accountable.It’s an easy feat, until it’s not. Being a news publication...

OpinionBeing Black in Residential Life

Ryann Williams October 17, 2019
Co-written by Ryann Williams and Jessica Jennings

OpinionWhere should I take my date in San Antonio?

Kayla Padilla October 16, 2019
Illustration by Andrea Nebhut My girlfriend doesn’t live in San Antonio but comes to visit every week or so. What are some good date-night spots near campus that aren’t too expensive are but somewhat unique? —Morgan Dear Morgan, While there are certainly neat spots around San Antonio to take your partner to, I encourage you to think outside of a particular “place” or business. I find that dates shaped by your perception of the relationship,...

OpinionThe sneaky signs of Seasonal Affective Disorder

Victoria Stringer October 16, 2019
Depression is one of those funny things where you know what it is, and you know that it’s fairly common ... but it still doesn’t feel like something that can happen to you.