OpinionWhat to know about what we wear

Natalia Salas February 28, 2019
A brief introduction to the pitfalls of fast fashion

OpinionDon’t legitimize misinformation, criticize it

Benjamin Gonzalez February 28, 2019
Further defending the removal of platforms

EditorialHome is where the brick is

Editorial Board February 28, 2019
This week at the Trinitonian, it’s our housing issue. You might wonder why we would sacrifice a few pages of our precious editorial space to talk about … buildings. The reason why we want to talk about housing is because it is a central part of our university life. Whether we’re complaining about our dorms or discovering the difficulties of living off campus, housing is an impossible issue to avoid for us college students. One...

OpinionAnalyzing the history of the “Me Too Movement”

Gemma Smith February 28, 2019
The necessary (but lost) intersectionality of the Me Too movement