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EditorialSustaining motivation in the new year

Editorial Board January 24, 2020
It’s hard to feel motivated after a semester of hard work and tireless effort, and that’s what every spring semester feels like. Though winter break is a nice reprieve from back-to-back classes, hours of studying and a nonstop finals week, it’s no summer. It’s not enough time to fully rest, relax and forget about everything going on at Trinity. But unlike summer, we come back from winter break with the sense of newness and the...

OpinionLessons learned over break: The impact of growing pains

Nina Loya January 23, 2020
"I have to be wise in choosing what I allow to hurt or stress me and release everything else I deem not worthy."

OpinionSo you quit the sport you love. Now what?

Victoria Stringer January 23, 2020
The emotional effects of having to quit your sport are just as bad as the physical recovery

OpinionTrinity should help combat homelessness in San Antonio

Ethan Crane January 23, 2020
Trinity has the ability to aid San Antonio's homelessness crisis using the residence halls that are vacant for approximately three months out of the year.