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EditorialExperience life outside of “the Bubble”

Editorial Board November 7, 2019
Everyone likes to talk about the “Trinity Bubble.” Most Trinity students feel comfortable within this mile radius in which we reside for at least three years, and it’s kind of cool that alumni can come back and go to the same joints they went to when they were in school — Tycoon Flats, Bombay Bicycle Club, even Brass Monkey, probably. These go-tos will always be go-tos, but whether that’s a good or bad thing, we’re...

OpinionDon’t be scared of registration

Editorial Board November 7, 2019
It’s that time of the year: class registration. TU Snaps is filled with questions about which class to take and opinions on specific professors. All conversations start with “What are you taking next semester?” And we are all likely filled unnecessary stress about Pathways requirements. Welcome to the halfway point. For first-years, you’ve just finished your first cycle of college. Your first set of syllabus days, your first onslaught of midterms, your first yada yada...

OpinionTravel paradises come with a cost

Natalia Salas November 7, 2019
Illustration by Ren Rader “Traveling” was my immediate answer when anyone asked what I was looking forward to during my semester abroad. By the looks of the Instagram and Snapchat stories of everyone else abroad, that answer is a pretty common one. However, traveling way more often than I’m used to has given me an entirely new perspective on tourism. Exploring different parts of the world is one of the most valuable ways to spend...

OpinionNatasha’s Kitchen: Diwali Delights

Natasha Sahu November 6, 2019
Photo by Kayla Padilla Fall is one of the most important times for a Hindu. Cultural festivals come at you at least once a week, and you have to be extroverted enough to keep up. Every year, my mom has hosted a Diwali party at our home. She spends days prepping, cleaning, buying flowers and ingredients and preparing a vast menu while still being ready well before guests arrive, with a new saree and jewelry...