OpinionA case against the idolization of Theresa May

Joshua Anaya April 4, 2020
Why it was reckless of Trinity to bring her to campus.

OpinionRecognizing privilege during COVID-19

Natalia Salas March 30, 2020
In light of campus closure, we must remember the marginalized populations that are most at-risk

OpinionCollege can be a safe haven for LGBTQ+ students

Logan Crews March 26, 2020
Leaving unaccepting home environments to go to university is a life-altering relief.

EditorialThe Trinitonian’s gone digital (for now)

Editorial Board March 22, 2020
Welcome to an abbreviated, digital version of the Trinitonian. When we first sat down and discussed what would go into this issue before Spring Break, we imagined it would be a short and sweet back-to-school edition. There wasn’t any big breaking news, there were a couple of bigger stories we were working on that we decided to push, and we had a lot of nice, easy, evergreen content. And then last week happened. And as...