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OpinionKayla’s dorm microwave

Kayla Padilla November 15, 2019
Photo by Kayla Padilla Inspired by Natasha’s gorgeous food column, I decided to channel my inner creative and cook dinner Monday evening. Natasha’s commitment to her writing is admirable; every week we gather for dinner as she makes the exact recipe she’s provided to the reader, step by step. Consumed by her cooking, she talks to me as she stirs her pot or cuts serrano chiles. Twice in the past week, we’ve gotten so distracted...

OpinionQueer education can lessen transphobia

Steven Drake November 14, 2019
Illustration by Andrea Nebhut TUSnaps is infamous for its harsh discourse, often at the expense of marginalized individuals. About two weeks ago, a discussion about transgender people and their mere existence elicited a wave of transphobic comments. Someone expressed that being transgender is not normal and that we shouldn’t educate children — those under 16 years old who apparently cannot make decisions on their own — on the issues of the queer community so as...

OpinionThe demon in the dorm room

Victoria Stringer November 13, 2019
Others around me did not seem to be getting sick; meanwhile, I battled an invisible demon that affected no one else

OpinionThe case for thorium

Andrew Barber November 13, 2019
Illustration by Andrea Nebhut The time bomb of climate change has been ticking since industrialization. We are not only seeing its current effects, but we’re also learning more of the catastrophic effects that are going to manifest in the future. According to Climate Change Communication (CCC) 31 percent of Americans deny climate change, global warming has been backed by thousands of independent scientific studies which have determined that this increase of temperature is man-made. The...