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EditorialStudent activity fee should be protected

Editorial Board February 20, 2020
Trinity’s Statement on Student Rights and Responsibilities outlines students’ rights to personal expression, public expression and an uncensored student-edited press. In the part describing public expression, the statement reads, “Students should be free, individually and collectively, to express their views and concerns on issues of institutional policy and on matters of general interest to the student body.” The statement recognizes the need for a recognized representative organization — in today’s case Student Government Association (SGA)....

OpinionCampus allows food insecurity, eating disorders

Joshua Anaya February 20, 2020
Food security is a right that we all deserve.

OpinionStrict attendance policies uphold ableism

Victoria Henretty February 20, 2020
Trinity professors should rethink their attendance policies in order not to harm disabled students.

OpinionAcknowledging the intricate relationship between physical and mental health

Dana Nichols February 19, 2020
While exercising is seen as a form of "self care" and a healthy practice, there are ways in which it can be unhealthy that are important to address before it's too late