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No matter how you’re feeling, there’s a place to match your mood
Kathleen CreedonNovember 7, 2019582 min

Illustration by Genevieve Humphreys

As San Antonians, we’re used to giving people recommendations of things to do, see and eat while in town, and we’ve come up with a go-to list that (fortunately) does not suggest the Pearl District as the go-to spot for all people visiting. This list isn’t just for tourists. In San Antonio, there’s a place for everyone at any time, no matter who you are or what you’re looking for.

When you’re feeling anxious …

Go to the San Antonio Museum of Art. It’s free for students, it’s quiet, and no one will try to talk to you. It’ll just be you, the white walls and all the cool art housed there. Plus, once the museum closes at 5 p.m., you can walk by the river after to complete your serene evening.

When you’re feeling jubilant …

Go out on the town! There are plenty of poppin’ places in San Antonio; you just gotta decide how far you want to drive. Sure, you can go down the Strip to Midnight Swim, but there are tons of other options, like Bonham Exchange or Heat.

When you’re feeling bummed …

Go to El Mercado. All the colors, music and people will brighten your day. You can walk through the middle of Downtown and take advantage of all the weird tourists that flow through San Antonio. Plus, it’s almost time for all the Christmas lights to be turned on, so the Riverwalk will look extra spectacular.

When you’re feeling listless …

Take a walk through Southtown. Even if you don’t go on First Friday or Second Saturday, south San Antonio is a beautiful part of town. Go to Blue Star and maybe stumble upon an art market.

When you’re feeling inspired …

Maybe you have a creative writing story to finish up for your English class tomorrow, or maybe you just want to get some work done without your suitemates talking loudly next door. Go to a cozy coffee shop, like Commonwealth, Candlelight Coffeehouse or Local Coffee, and write like no one is watching you.

When you’re feeling contemplative …

Go for a bike ride in Brackenridge Park! Pack a picnic lunch beforehand, and make a playlist of songs that you can listen to while you ride through one of the park’s many nature trails. When you get tired, you can sit on a bench and reflect on any interesting things you saw on your journey.

When you’re feeling romantic …

Why not go on a movie date? You can go to the local dollar theater to catch the latest superhero flick you both procrastinated on watching, you can go to a themed movie night at Alamo Drafthouse (bring your costumes), or the two of you can go to the Bijou and find an obscure arthouse movie that the rest of us aren’t cool enough to know about.

When you’re feeling adventurous …

Be a tourist. Go to the Alamo, get on a river cruise and spend lots of unnecessary money on subpar restaurants. This city is beautiful, but if you get too comfortable, you might forget that.

Kathleen Creedon

| Class of 2020 | Major: English

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