Who doesn’t like drinking? Definitely not me. But I also don’t like waking up the morning after a night of drinking feeling like a hippopotamus. So below are some slightly lower-calorie options that you can indulge in at the bar.


1. On the rocks: If I were able to stomach the taste of straight liquor (all I want to be is Don Draper), I would be ordering this at the bar every time (although, really, what’s the difference between a couple of cubes in a cup and a 1.5oz glass). Ordering your favorite liquor on the rocks is probably the best calorie-conscious option you can take, not to mention, the easiest to get you drunk. Win-win, right? Just kidding. I’m not an alcoholic. There is no better way to truly appreciate the fine taste of the liquor you’re drinking than by drinking it on the rocks. Typical on-the-rocks caloric content: less than 100 calories.


2. Vodka Soda: Because you need something else to drink when you can’t order a Bloody Mary. A vodka soda is a great low-calorie option at the bar because soda water has zero calories, so you’re only getting the vodka calories. Drop in a lime for some flavor, or, if you’re looking for a sweeter option, try a vodka tonic. Typical caloric count: 65-70 calories for a vodka soda and 100 calories for a vodka tonic.


3. Mimosa: That drink you accidentally order instead of a Bloody Mary at brunch. Everyone knows the mimosa: champagne and orange juice in a nice little flute glass. It’s a tasty companion to your omelet in the morning, and not only do you get the bubbly satisfaction of champagne, but you also get a dose of Vitamin C from the orange juice! Typical caloric content: 75-120 per glass depending on champagne-to-orange-juice ratio.

4. Bloody Mary: If you can’t tell, I really like Bloody Marys, also known as the greatest drink ever created. This is your classic 11a.m.- 5p.m. drink. Not to mention, it is also the best hangover cure. A typical Bloody Mary consists of tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, a stick of celery and lots of spice. Do not let the tomato juice deter you from this beauty; it is what provides you with lycopenes, an antioxidant found in tomatoes that helps reduce the risk of cancer. Not that you ever needed a reason to make yourself a Bloody Mary, or order one at a bar, but now you have one. If you can take the heat, order it extra spicy. Nothing beats a Bloody Mary that packs a good punch. And don’t forget to eat the celery! Typical caloric count: 125 and up depending on your glass size and how stiff you like it.


5. Guinness: The good ol’ black Irish lager has been shown in some studies to help reduce the risk of blood clotting and heart disease, and has about 125 calories in 12oz. Or you can opt for the light beer. Nothing beats the taste of an ice cold beer, but, as we all know, and have seen by our slowly developing bellies, drinking large quantities of beer is not exactly advantageous for your health. The easy answer is to swap out your normal choice of beer for a lower-calorie, light beer option, such as Budweiser Select, Busch Light, Michelob Ultra, etc. Be wary, though! Most light beers have lower alcohol content (no one wants that), so your caloric intake could end up being the same as if you had ordered a regular (and better-tasting) beer. Typical caloric count: 55-100 for light beers. Most craft beers: 120-150.


6. Wine: Not only is this a classy drink to order at dinner or a bar, but it is also a drink that is beneficial to your health. Many wines are rich in antioxidant compounds called polyphenols, which promote cardiovascular health. Red wines are typically are higher in polyphenols than white wines are, although some studies have shown that white wine can also promote healthy lungs. So remember, a glass of red wine a day keeps the doctor away. Typical caloric count: 120 for a 5oz glass.


The best deals on these “healthy” drinks around San Antonio:


1. On the Rocks

$2.50 draft and well drinks     on Wednesdays

Revolution Room

8123 Broadway St.


2. Vodka Soda

$3 well drinks Mon. – Fri.   3-7 p.m. and all day Sunday

Broadway 50/50

5050 Broadway St


3. Mimosas

$12 on Sundays


3011 N St Mary’s St


4. Bloody Marys

$7 everyday

Liberty Bar

8123 Broadway St.


5. Guinness

$3 Pints on Mondays

Flying Saucer

11255 Huebner Road #212 @   I-10


6. Wine

$3.50 cocktails and wine  Mon. – Fri. 4-7 p.m.


713 S. Alamo St.


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