Next week, as a part of the Stieren lecture series, Trinity will be hosting Justin Simien for discussions about his film “Dear White People” and the issues it presents.

Simien is a recent graduate of Chapman University. His film “Dear White People” (2014), explores the life of an African American college student at a predominantly white liberal arts private university. Robert Huesca, professor of communication, says that he chose this guest and his work because the themes are applicable at Trinity.

“When I read the description of the film, I thought it was perfect for Trinity,” Huesca said. “I think it fits with our environment perfectly. It raises questions we all should be thinking about.”

The screening of Dear White People will be followed by a discussion of the film and the questions it raises.

“What are the difficulties faced by underrepresented minority groups in our midst?” Huesca said. “How can we make this a better experience for ourselves and others?”

In addition to the screening and discussion, Simien will be on campus, having lunch with students on Monday and Tuesday.
“The lunch on Monday will be for students who are interested in issues of diversity,” Huesca said. “Tuesday will be for those interested in film and film making.”

To attend one of the lunches, students can contact Huesca at Space for these will be limited.


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