It’s that time of the semester when we all feel like we’ve lost our motivation to do anything: the dreaded second-semester slump. Classes seem to drag on, papers seem endless and even things you once found fun and exciting seem to have lost all appeal. Winter break has come and gone and the next big break is still a month away.

It strikes all years equally. Seniors are feeling the long stretch until graduation, juniors just don’t care anymore, sophomores are realizing they still have half of their college careers ahead of them and first years have lost the drive they came to college with.

Even the Trinitonian staff has succumbed to this college phenomenon. Articles seem to take years to write, deadlines are forgotten and even editorials feel like pulling teeth.

While it’s easy to fall into a pattern of putting off assignments and opt to stay in bed instead of going to class, we would like to remind you to keep pushing forward. Spring Break is right around the corner, the weather is getting warmer and we still have several exciting Trinitonian issues coming up. So keep your chin up and push on.


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