Monica Saenz, administrative assistant for the university communications department, is the co-editor of “LeeRoy,” the daily list of campus events sent to each Trinity student. Photo by Aidan Kirksey.

Monica Saenz, administrative assistant for the university communications department, is well known around campus as the name attached to the daily list of campus events, “LeeRoy,” which she co-edits.

Q: What did you do before coming to Trinity?
A: I worked at the zoo as a membership coordinator.  I began as an administrative assistant here, but they gave [“LeeRoy”] to me and Russell Guerrero, the co-editor.

Q: What about Trinity made you interested in working here?
A: When I was working at the zoo, my coworker found a job here and she really liked it, so she told me to come to Trinity.  I haven’t left yet, and that was 15 years ago.  I started off in the chemistry department as a secretary for a distinguished professor, and after three months, there was an opening in the university communications department, so I moved here.

Q: What does your job entail?
A: As the administrative secretary, I do the  office’s budget, I pay the bills, I am in charge of the media databases and I have to proofread a lot of stuff.  I have one student who helps me, Josephine Cortez Ayala.  Every morning, I get new submissions in, I look them over, I put them in “LeeRoy” format, and I make sure to proofread them. Josephine then puts them in the Word document and, from there, it gets proofed.  Then I put them in HDML so they can be sent out.  It gets very nerve- wracking sometimes because I’ll wake up in the middle of the night, at three o’clock in the morning and have to remember if I sent out the right one.  One time, I sent out two in one day.  It goes out to over 3,000 people, so I get a little nervous.

Q: How has your experience been working here at Trinity?
A: I love it.  When I first started looking for a job, I told human resources that I wanted a job where I could just retire”“I hope this one’s it.


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