The Umbrella Ep. 01 — Being Black and Queer

Logan CrewsFebruary 28, 202011 min


In our world today, LGBTQ issues are brought to light all the time, not just in the month of June. Queer people behind these issues are getting louder, more vocal, and more willing to share their stories. Trinity’s campus is no different. Join us as we follow these stories and shed even more light on our LGBTQ community. 

1:30 – ranking identities: Black or queer first?
8:35 – inclusivity of Black LGBTQ+ students at Trinity
14:50 – Trinity’s small, gay dating pool
17:53 – being “late” to the queer scene
24:00 – gender presentation & the pressure of presenting

Logan Crews

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  • Shelby Atherton

    February 28, 2020 at 3:40 pm

    So good!!


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