The E3 Initiative held CODE T.E.A.L., a week-long series of activities meant to raise awareness about sexual assault. The group placed 385 teal ribbons on the grassy area of the Esplanade, placed shirts with different phrases on clothes lines outside of Coates University Center and invited Natalie Ehmka to speak about her experiences at a keynote lecture in Laurie Auditorium on Wednesday, Oct. 24. Photography by Sarah Cooper and Megan McLoughlin.

Corrected Nov. 2, 2012
This post originally referred to CODE T.E.A.L., not the E3 Initiative, as the organization responsible for the week’s events.


  1. I do want to comment that the article didn’t mention The E3 Initiative, who was the organization that put on CODE T.E.A.L., and I was wondering if you could mention that somewhere.

  2. So it could actually be said something along the lines of “The E3 Initiative put on CODE T.E.A.L. this week on campus, which is week-long initiative intending to create a campus dialogue about sexual assault awareness, its prevalence and relevance on our campus, and to get students to “T.E.A.L.” (Talk, Educate, Advocate, Listen).”


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