The DVD Now machine used to stand in the Coates University Center across from the Student Mail Center. Photo by Anh-Viet Dinh.

The DVD Now movie rental service that arrived on campus last August  was removed due to poor sales.

The box arrived on campus with the intention of providing students with cost-friendly,  legal, late-night access to newly released movies.

Located in the Coates University Center, between the newspaper stands and the help desk, the box could be accessed until midnight or 1 a.m. every night.

Despite the accessibility, response to the box was lukewarm.

“I don’t think it was a convenience issue. I think it was worth a try, but it will soon all be online anyways, and I suspect our students were ahead of that curve,” said David Tuttle, associate vice president for Student Affairs and dean of students, in an email correspondence Aug. 30.

An additional newspaper stand replaced the machine.


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