March 2nd will be opening the 8th annual “Mini” Students Art Exhibition in the Neidorff Art Gallery.  Once a year, the art department opens the galleries doors to students interested in exhibiting their work.

This year, four proposals were chosen by the panel to be exhibited.  The artists, Brittney Blaylock, Lucy Dibutades, Sasha Faust, and Danielle Trevino, have produced four separate bodies of work that have one common thread: history.  The show titled Recollect takes a look at art history, family history, and technological history through an array of mediums.  Dibutades’s series “A Painting a Day” uses painting to look at the history of art with references to biblical and greek mythological stories. And Brittney’s work is multimedia with a collection of sculptures and ceramics in a hand built cabinet.

Junior Sasha Faust, a Human Communication and Interdisciplinary Arts double major, looked into her own history with her series With Our Hands.  Her project started while doing Mellon research with art professor, Jessica Halonen, whose own research in Berlin revolved around the synthetic pigment, Prussian Blue. “I started breaking off and doing research for myself.” Sasha says,”I became more interested in the darker side of Prussian blue’s history.

Specifically, its connection to the chemicals used in the gas chambers in the holocaust.” In her research, she came to learn of how her great grandmother had fled Poland with only a few belongings “” one specifically important was a lace pillow.  She uses cyanotypes, a photographic printing process using the synthetic blue pigment to capture delicate images representative of this history.

Recollect will run throughout March in the Dicke Art Building.  Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, from 1 to 5 P.M.


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