Some controversy has surfaced lately regarding Dinesh D’Souza speaking at Trinity. To be honest, I thought there would be more. I was surprised that no students submitted opinion pieces for the Trinitonian. I was also surprised by the “harassment” towards members of the sponsoring organization, Tigers For Liberty. Come on, Trinity. Defacing flyers and SGA posters is destructive and passive. You should be providing constructive criticism and actively protest the event if you have a problem with it.

Dinesh will be speaking at Trinity. Attending this lecture does not mean you support Dinesh D’Souza or his ideas. Alternatively, not attending is an ineffective way to demonstrate an opposition to D’Souza or his ideas. SGA allocated $6,000 of YOUR Student Activity Fee towards this event. The sponsoring organization has over 1,000 people attending from outside the Trinity community. Laurie Auditorium seats 2,700 people, so come listen to an opinion whether or not you agree with it. Ask questions, contribute to a discussion or just sit and listen. I hope to see you all there.

Also, please stop defacing SGA posters because it hurts my feelings and is actually a crime. Why would someone tear a senator (who was elected by the student body) off of a poster? I don’t know. If you have a problem with SGA allocating funding towards D’Souza or a complaint against one of your senators, email

TL;DR: Send an email instead of defacing pieces of paper. In the end you’re just hurting the environment because they will be reprinted.


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