The MTV show “Are You the One?” has fans all around the country. One of the contestants on the show, John Jacobs, made an appearance at Trinity University recently. The Student Programming Board brought him to campus for students’ entertainment this past Saturday night.

Jacobs is a comedian who grew up battling Tourettes and has used comedy as his release in his life. He has a wide variety of jokes in his catalog on topics such as race and stereotypes to parody people’s attitudes towards these subjects.

“It was a lot of fun coming here. I feel like college students really enjoy my humor, and I can really reach out to them and make them laugh,” Jacobs said. “I try to make sure they have a good time because I know that college is hard and sometimes you need something to make you laugh and lighten the week.”

Students that came to the show seemed to enjoy it. Many of the students knew him from his show on MTV, but there were many who were seeing him for the first time. SPB member and first year Carolyn Young was there and said selecting Jacobs was a good decision.

“We are happy with our choice. He was very funny, and the crowd seemed to react well to what he was saying. I personally thought he was entertaining even though I have never seen his television show. I look forward to seeing more things from him in the future,” Young said.

SPB members were not the only people that were happy with the show, as many of the other students in attendance also enjoyed themselves and had positive things to say. Junior Rivers Wallace attended the performance on the recommendation of friends who had seen Jacobs on MTV and was pleasantly surprised.

“Honestly, I don’t expect much from MTV, so I wasn’t expecting a lot here,” Wallace said. “He was pretty funny though. I definitely enjoyed myself and would definitely listen to him again. I was happy that he was better than I was initially expecting.”


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