Best for TrinityBest Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant: Green Vegetarian Cuisine

Trinity's number one choice for vegetarian and vegan dining
Gabriella GarrigaJanuary 31, 2019621 min

graphic by Alex Parris

Green Vegetarian Cuisine and its ’80s playlist has that Mabee vibe we all love but the vegetarian and vegan options we’re all missing.

Located in the Pearl, Green’s unique mix of Texas-inspired decor with brightly-colored chalk-drawn vegetables on the walls makes the restaurant stand out among its pricier competitors.

The conveniently located restaurant offers a variety of options at fairly reasonable prices. Cuisines include an assortment of “fake meats” such as chickpea-veggie burgers and tofu chicken. With southern-style comfort food, Green makes going vegetarian or vegan easier, keeping your favorite foods an option. The menu ranges from bowls and salads to Chicken Fried Chik-N and Kaleupas. All dishes are vegetarian and can be made vegan upon request.

If you have room for dessert, Green has an assortment of vegan desserts and pastries that taste as good as they look.

Above all, Green fuses earth-friendly eating with the taste of home-cooked meals, creating a guilt-free dining experience.

Gabriella Garriga

| Class of 2021 | Majors: Sociology and Economics |

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