PulseBack from India: Students reflect on life-changing semester

From enlightening to terrible, Gage Brown and Malcolm Fox discuss their extreme experiences of studying abroad in Bodh Gaya
Kara KillingerJanuary 31, 20192117 min

Meeting the Dali Lama

The independent study portion of the Buddhist studies program allowed Fox and Brown to get away from the monastery and conduct their own research in other places. Brown chose Boudha, Nepal for her independent study while Fox traveled to the town of Dharamshala in Northwest India.


Fox conducted a large-scale research project in Dharamshala, interviewing multiple Mongolian Buddhists in order to produce a thirty-page paper on the subject.

“I touched on the effect that communism in the twentieth century had on Mongolian Buddhism and also the influence from shamanism,” Fox said.

During his time in Dharamshala, Fox also met the current Dali Lama.

“It had been a life goal of mine for a number of years. I would say it was very humbling to be in the presence of someone who has dedicated his entire life toward the struggle for human rights,” Fox said.

In Fox’s opinion, the independent study portion was the best part of the program by far and one of the best experiences of his life. He hopes to do more religion-based research in the future.

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